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Man Holding PREP Pill


Living with HIV can be challenging enough without having to visit multiple doctors to get the treatment you need. Our providers are dedicated to providing

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Two Men Walking

Low Testosterone

While commonly thought to be a primarily male-bodied hormone, testosterone is produced by all healthy human bodies to one degree or another. The majority of

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Doctor hand holding bottle with medical cannabis close up

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a major hot button issue in today’s political realm, but in the medical realm, it’s proven to be quite effective when it

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zyto scan

Zyto Scan

The Zyto Scan is a decision-support technology used to help doctors identify biological information about a patient. Doctors use this information to develop individualized treatment

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family medicine

Family Medicine

Families have unique health needs, from the youngest members to those enjoying their golden years. Though the body of a child may seem different than

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Internal medicine

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a specialty branch of medicine pertaining to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases affecting adults over the age of 18.

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school physical exam

School Physicals

Back-to-school is a busy time of year filled with books, class schedules, school supplies, and shopping for new clothes. It is also the time of

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prostate exam

Prostate Screening

Prostate cancer is a cancer specific to men. Several screenings are available to identify the presence of cancer within the prostate gland – even at

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