Clitoral Hood Reduction

Have you decided that it’s time to consider a clitoral hood reduction but still have reservations about the procedure to come? When you’re on the cusp of a big decision like this, it’s not surprising that you may have multiple reservations about it. This article is focused on exploring the role of your clitoral hood, the complications that occur for those in whom it is excessively large, and how a clitoral hoodectomy can help.

How Your Clitoral Hood Helps You

The clitoral hood covers the clitoris, a complex organ containing thousands of nerve endings. These nerve endings make the clitoris very sensitive, contributing to the role it plays in sexual arousal and the sexual experience. The clitoral hood protects the clitoris from stimulation until arousal occurs, serving as a barrier between your body and your clothing. The hood also produces the lubricant that allows it to slide over your clitoral shaft when it comes time to expose it. 

  •     Every woman’s clitoral hood is different, and its size is unrelated to height or weight.
  •     Your hood should move aside when you become aroused to reveal the engorged clitoris.
  •     Large hoods may not fully reveal the clitoris, impacting the sexual experience.
  •     Some women find a large clitoral hood unattractive and may prefer it to be reduced.

Getting to know your body and the role your clitoral hood plays can help you make a decision about whether a clitoral hoodectomy is right for you.

How Can A Clitoral Hoodectomy Help Me?

For some women getting a clitoral hoodectomy can be life-changing, helping to improve the sexual experience as well as reducing irritation from clothing and other sources. The removal of the excess tissue serves to ease sexual arousal and aid in achieving climax. Those with exceptionally large clitoral hoods may experience abrasion against their thighs or other clothing, which can be prevented by reducing the size of said hood. Truly large hoods may even be visible through snug clothing, leading to embarrassment.

This procedure is considered fairly routine and generally safe, though, in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, there is the risk of potential nerve damage. This makes it essential that the physician you see for this procedure has a good reputation and proper background in performing clitoral hoodectomy.

Our team of experienced surgeons can be trusted to provide expert care that you can count on. Calling our offices today will get you scheduled for a consultation about your concerns with your clitoral hood. Throughout your visit, you’ll have options discussed after a thorough intake is done that includes talking about your experience. If you’ve been having your sexual experience impacted by the size of your clitoral hood, or have found wearing snug clothing to be uncomfortable, call our office today. We’re ready to guide you in making the changes that will let you wear the clothes you love and experience sexual intimacy to its fullest.

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