Aesthetics and genital plastic surgery come hand in hand as an optimal way to improve women’s sexual health. The various reasons for desiring labiaplasty vary, but for many women suffering from pain during intercourse, irritation wearing clothing, and improper hygiene due to large labia, it can lead to a sense of self-consciousness and poor self-esteem. Our labiaplasty procedure attempts to address those issues, including cosmetic ones, and provide women with the medical resources they need to better care for their health.

Why Choose A Labia Reduction?

Enlarged labia surrounding the vagina opening, urethra, and clitoris can have an impact on your life. Whether you’re physically active and or doing daily activities, for some women, the experience of enlarged labia can cause great discomfort and embarrassment. Symptoms such as pain, discomfort, rawness, and redness often occur with enlarged labia due to their size and how often the labia conflict with clothing and activities, such as swimming and cycling.

Regarding women’s sexual activities, the enlarged labia can often get tucked into the vagina during intercourse, causing rawness and pain to become more prominent. Pain during sex has a higher chance of leading to sexual arousal disorder and sexual orgasmic disorder. For many women, these issues are often left unaddressed when visiting their gynecologist.

We emphasize women’s sexual health by providing women with numerous cosmetic and medical procedures. At our medical office, we can perform a labiaplasty through these steps:

  • Through your consultation with our gynecologic surgeons, we will outline and discuss with you the areas of tissue to be removed or reduced, all while maintaining the natural look and appearance of your vagina.
  • During the procedure, our surgeons will use local or general anesthesia to remove the excess tissue from the labia minora or labia majora. During this procedure, a clitoral hood reduction can also be performed at the same time. We will also use the wedge procedure to help preserve the edges of the labia.
  • Once completed, our surgeons will inform you regarding recovery instructions and post-procedure recommendations.

Recovery Post Labiaplasty Procedure

During recovery, pain and swelling may occur, with distorted swelling occurring for up to six weeks. Swelling beyond this residual point can take up to six months to disappear. Women, after six weeks, can resume wearing tampons and having intercourse. Regarding the risks, the most common risks associated with labiaplasty include bleeding, hematoma, and infection, with some women experiencing scarring as a result of the procedure. Long-term effects of the procedure include chronic dryness and pain during intercourse if an aggressive reduction is performed.

Labiaplasty can provide women with labia that are symmetrical to their appearance and aesthetically pleasing and can provide a sense of relief from any sensations of pain during intercourse or daily activities. For more information about our labiaplasty procedure, please arrange an appointment with our office to learn more.

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