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PRF and Bioengineering in Dentistry

Biomaterials have been included in regenerative therapies in multiple medical fields for almost twenty years. The first use of platelet concentrates in regenerating and repairing

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Sensitive Teeth

If you find yourself avoiding hot drinks and cold foods, then your teeth may be sensitive. Tooth sensitivity is common, and in optimistic terms, will


Veterinary Compounding

Veterinarians can prescribe antibiotics and medications, and when the available drug options are appropriate for your pet’s condition, compound medications can help provide the medicine


Pediatric Compounding

Compounding pharmacies aren’t just for adults. Due to our ability to customize the creation of your medication, we’re able to specially design compounds suitable to


Pain Management Compounding

As the most common symptom for patients seeking medical help, chronic pain affects over 20% of the adult population, with more than half of those


Frequently Asked Questions

What is compounding? Compounding is known as the process of combining, mixing, and altering two or more ingredients to create a medication customized to the


Explanation of PCAB Accreditation

Like all industries, pharmaceutical compounding has an organization that serves to set a standard for excellence in their field and confirmation to industry standards. For


BHRT (hormone replacement) Compounding

Hormone-related conditions affect millions of people daily, and when those fluctuations begin to change your health and quality of life, hormone replacement therapy is an


Anti-Aging Cosmeceutical Compounding

One service offered by compounding pharmacies that is often overlooked is the ability to create compounds that address the ravages of aging. Our services go

Mental Health

Relapse Prevention

Relapse does not occur as a single event; it occurs in stages and is a continuous process when withdrawing and abstaining from substance abuse. As

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