Explanation of PCAB Accreditation

Like all industries, pharmaceutical compounding has an organization that serves to set a standard for excellence in their field and confirmation to industry standards. For Compounding Pharmacies, this organization is the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare or the ACHC. Under their auspices, accreditation of compounding pharmacies is managed by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board. PCAB accreditation ensures compliance with production and safety standards that gives patients the security of knowing their in good hands when selecting a compounding pharmacy.

These pharmacies are not required to get PCAB certification to be in operation. Voluntarily undergoing the process necessary to receive it indicates that the pharmacy receiving it is dedicated to providing their patients with superior service. Regular inspections, adherence to rules and guidelines of operation, and meeting certain standards are all necessary to successfully apply for PCAB. These guidelines must be upheld in order to receive re-certification on a regular basis.

Under the PCAB, there are three forms of certification available, each dependent on the services provided by the applying pharmacy. These forms of accreditation include:

  • Non-Sterile Pharmacy Compounding (CFNS) – This certification is available for pharmacists who provide compounds that do not require a sterile environment. Those with this certification have shown industry excellence in combining, altering, and mixing ingredients in the creation of a pharmaceutical preparation.
  • Sterile Pharmacy Compounding (CFST) – Mixtures or patients that require the preparation of their pharmaceutical compounds in a sterile environment fall under this accreditation. Applicants must adhere to strict guidelines that ensure that the sterility of their workspace and the finished compound meets the requirements necessary for consistency and quality.
  • Distinction In Hazardous Drug Handling (HDH) – USP Chapter 800 covers the criteria needed for the safe and effective handling of hazardous drugs in healthcare settings. These standards are the result of the efforts of countless experts in the healthcare field working to produce a set of criteria that will protect physicians, pharmacists, and patients alike. PCAB accreditation must be received before HDH will be awarded.

The PCAB has been working to produce consistent excellence in compounding pharmaceutical practices since 2007. At this time, eight pharmaceutical organizations came together to create what would become a compliance solution unmatched anywhere else in the industry. These respected organizations brought their name to the newly founded board to ensure that compounding pharmacies would be in line with the standards upheld by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, or the USP. As the leading accreditation organization in the field, the PCAB logo represents safety, confidence, and reliability for patients seeking the services of a compounding pharmacy.

Our clinic is proud to bear the certification of the PCAB and is dedicated to providing safe and effective pharmaceutical compounds to our family of patients. If you have more questions about this certification, our clinic, and the steps we take to ensure that the medicine you receive is safe and efficacious, call us today. Our team of pharmaceutical experts is there to address all your concerns and welcome you to our family of customers.

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