Solea Dental Laser

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Are you among the countless US citizens who feel anxiety when it comes time to visit the dentist? Do you cringe at the high-pitched whine of a rotary dental drill? Our clinic has embraced the amazing technology that is the Solea Dental Laser to put an end to all that. Using this system, we’re able to provide a range of treatments from curative to aesthetic painlessly and effectively. Even better, the Solea Laser system is nearly silent in operation and helps improve results and recovery times!

How Our Care Benefits from The Solea Dental Laser

Solea has been a driving force behind innovative dental technology for many years. Their laser dental tools have replaced scalpels and drills in traditional dental treatments. Treatment with the Solea Dental Laser helps thoroughly eliminate cavities, prepare surfaces for restoration, and even perform minor gum surgery nearly pain-free. It can accomplish all of this while remaining quieter and faster than traditional methods.

Treatments performed with this system destroy less healthy tissue while precisely eliminating areas that are health concerns. Thanks to its ability to instantly seal treatment sites and preserve healthy tissue, recovery times are notably reduced. This is the benefit of performing a procedure that requires no stitches, reduced postoperative discomfort, and less need for follow-up visits. While local anesthesia is available as part of these procedures, most patients find that it isn’t necessary, thanks to the nearly painless operation.

The Solea Dental Laser also has demonstrated a profound effect on many who suffer from dental anxiety. In place of the sharp, high-pitched whine of a rotary dental drill, the dental laser emits a quiet pulsing sound that many patients find soothing. Many patients without dental anxiety even report that they find the entire experience superior thanks to this quiet sound. Due to this, more people have been able to receive dental care than ever before without experiencing fear or anxiety.

Laser Dentistry Procedures

1994 saw the introduction of the first dental lasers following their meeting FDA approval. Our clinic takes advantage of this innovative new tool in the performance of the following procedures:

  • Elimination of dental decay
  • Preparation of treatment area for fillings
  • Addressing diseased tissue and bacteria from gum disease
  • Biopsying nodules of suspected oral cancer
  • Sealing of canker sores, eliminating discomfort
  • Enhance certain aesthetic procedures, such as dental whitening

The Solea Dental System we use has been approved by the FDA for procedures involving the treatment of gums, bones, and enamel in oral structures. Its proven safety and effectiveness bring notable improvements in both procedure success and healing times.

Discover the Solea Dental Laser

It’s time for you to discover the advantage of the Solea Dental Laser as part of your dental care routine. Schedule an appointment at our office to receive a consultation and assessment of your oral health. At the end of this visit, you’ll receive information about potential treatment plans, including those using the Solea Dental Laser. Call today and experience the new world of pain-free dental care.

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