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Aesthetic treatment utilizing specialized lasers has become an increasingly proper approach in modern clinics. Companies like Fotona have been pushing forward laser technology to provide greater range and improved results from these treatments. With the help of leading universities and dental research centers, new advances have started seeing aesthetic laser treatments becoming a standard at clinics all over the country. We’re going to share how Fotona Lasers improve the outcomes you’ll get at our facility.

How Fotona Lasers Improves Aesthetic Results

Fotona has been in the field of laser technology for over half a century. Their aesthetic laser systems are becoming a mainstay in the aesthetic industry. Every year sees new levels of performance made possible through innovative technology and treatment methods. They’ve pioneered advances such as the Adaptive Structured Pulse. ASP makes it possible for specific degrees of energy to be delivered that are tailored to the specific treatment. Fotona introduced the Skinlight system that introduces incredible improvements in results due to:

Two Laser Wavelengths

The Skinlight System utilized two separate laser wavelengths in the treatment process. Each of these wavelengths, known as Er:YAG and Nd:YAG bring different benefits to the treatments they’re used in. The reason this works is your skin reacts differently to these wavelengths.

Improved Range Of Options

Your skin responds differently to different wavelengths of light, making this system perfect for performing a range of treatments. Using the Skinlight system, we’re able to treat vascular lesions, get improved results with skin resurfacing & rejuvenation, remove lasers, and lighten pigmented lesions. These treatments represent a small selection of the treatments possible using the Skinlight system.

Er:YAG Lasers

This wavelength of laser is perfect for treating superficial lesions. The water content in skin cells selectively absorbs this wavelength. This property makes creating precise, micron thick layer-by-layer ablation of epidermal tissue. This ablation causes the skin to tighten and begin producing new collagen that adds firmness and elasticity.

VSP Technology

We’re able to select one of a number of operation modes on the Fotona Skinlight. This permits us to perform thermal treatments, cold ablation, combined ablation, and a non-ablative thermal skin rejuvenation procedure. This latter procedure stimulates skin tissue deep within the dermal layers.

Nd:YAG Lasers

This wavelength of laser is perfect for treating structures deep within the skin. It penetrates past the upper dermis to selectively target deep-set hair follicles and veins. The thermal energy produced by the Nd:YAG laser heats these tissues to achieve the desired results.

These benefits are just the beginning when it comes to what the Fotona Laser Skinlight System can offer to our clients.

Look Your Absolute Best

Everyone deserves the opportunity to look their absolute best. Don’t let minor skin blemishes, unwanted hair, and regrettable tattoos hold you back. Contact our clinic for a consultation and assessment to see what we can do for you. Innovative technologies like the Skinlight system are opening doors in aesthetic treatment like never before!

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