BodyFX is a non-invasive aesthetic solution designed to shrink fat cells, tighten the skin and smooth dimpled skin. It uses radiofrequency to target areas of the body in which a loss of elasticity has allowed pockets of fat to bulge under the surface of the skin. Gentle vacuum pressure stretches out connective tissues and maximizes treatment depth, improving overall results. The unique, FDA-approved technology tightens and tones the skin, as well as causes the death of fat cells in the targeted treatment areas.

Did you know…

that cellulite affects people of all sizes, including those who are of a healthy weight and muscle tone? Approximately 90 percent of all women will develop cellulite at some point in their lives, and many will stop at nothing to eliminate it. However, no amount of working out or eating right will cure the problem beneath the surface. Instead, many people turn to non-invasive radiofrequency procedures like BodyFX to tighten the skin, remove fat and reduce the overall appearance of lumps and bumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BodyFX compare to Coolsculpting?

Unlike Coolsculpting, which freezes fat cells, BodyFX heats from within, stimulating collagen and melting away fat. BodyFX tends to produce rapid results compared to Coolsculpting, which can take two to four months to produce noticeable results. Furthermore, coolsculpting is limited to fat reduction only and is not capable of tightening or toning the skin. Coolsculpting treatments also tend to take twice as long as a BodyFX treatment, and may cause pain or tenderness at the treatment site for up to two weeks. BodyFX, on the other hand, can be administered during a typical lunch hour and will not cause any discomfort or downtime.

What types of results can I expect with a BodyFX treatment?

Results vary from person to person; however, most patients can expect to lose approximately one cup of fat and an inch on each thigh after treatment. Results progress with each treatment, providing a gradual reduction of fat and improvement in skin tone. BodyFX works most effectively on excess fat, loose skin and cellulite located on the flanks, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The average person will undergo one treatment per week for a period of six weeks. Results typically last for up to six months or longer and can be preserved with periodic maintenance treatments every few months.

What should I expect during a BodyFX treatment?

There is no discomfort associated with a BodyFX treatment. We treat all of our patients from the comfort of our office, using controlled radiofrequency heating of the fat and supportive tissues. Plan to spend approximately 30 minutes in the office for each treatment. There is no downtime, and most patients can return to normal activities immediately following treatment.

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