Tips for Travel (Sex Addiction)

Travel Tips (Sex Addiction)

Sex addiction recovery is best facilitated by accountability and support from counselors, friends, and family. But people who are struggling with addiction may find it difficult to maintain progress when traveling for business or pleasure. Isolation creates opportunities for weakness, which can lead to a relapse into old habits. Because it is particularly difficult for a person struggling with sex addiction to travel away from, there are some tips for avoiding trouble.

Fun Facts!

  • Tell your therapist you are traveling and check-in throughout your visit
  • Minimize the amount of time you’ll spend alone in your hotel room, where adult movies are easily accessible
  • Bring a book for entertainment during down time
  • Ask hotel staff to remove the adult movie selection from your programming
  • Use public computers or the hotel business center to surf the web
  • Avoid alcohol or other substances that could impair judgment
  • Avoid visiting places that could incite temptation, such as nightclubs or areas where prostitutes are known to congregate
  • If you are traveling for work, find a roommate.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it okay to travel outside of if I have a sex addiction?

Together with your therapist, you can determine when you have made enough progress to travel. If possible, avoid traveling until sobriety has become a standard in your life. Sometimes, travel is a requirement, such as for work or because of a family emergency. Though you cannot change your circumstances, you can take steps to minimize the opportunity for destructive behaviors.

What should I expect during my time away?

Isolation and anonymity are waiting at your destination. You can expect with near certainty that temptation will present itself at some point during your stay when traveling alone. You should anticipate these problems ahead of time, and take steps to manage them in advance.

Is there any other advice for avoiding addictive behaviors on my trip?

Yes. Keep your therapist or an accountability partner’s phone number handy at all times while traveling away from home. Sometimes, a simple phone call is all it takes to cope with the challenges you’ll face during travel.

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