Love and Sex Addiction Therapy

Love and Sex Addiction Therapy

Love and sex addiction are real problems that millions of Americans face – often privately – on a daily basis. Love addicts may believe that their happiness is contingent upon feeling loved, approved or needed by another person. The desire for this type of ‘love’ overshadows rational and logic. Sex addicts also act on compulsions despite best judgment; only they are motivated by sexual thoughts and actions. Love and sex addiction therapy can provide guidance out of a cycle of addiction by identifying the reasons for addiction, the consequences of addiction, and the ways to overcome it.

Did you know?

Addicts usually act out of compulsions despite obvious and harmful consequences. For the love addict, this could mean idolizing the objects of his or her affections and putting a partner’s needs above his or her own. For the sex addict, there is a drive to carry out sexual behaviors regardless of the consequences they may have. Unfortunately, these types of behaviors often result in negative consequences. Some addicts find themselves in abusive relationships, whereas others find that they lose or alienate the relationships they value most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get therapy for love and sex addiction?

You may need therapy for love or sex addiction if you find yourself repeating cycles of obsessive thoughts or compulsions related to sexual thoughts or actions. Negative sexual behaviors can impact your personal life, including your social and professional relationships. Even love addiction can be personally draining, potentially leading to unfulfilling or even abusive relationships. You should seek counseling if you constantly feel the need to be in a relationship, regardless of whether there are mutual feelings of affection.

What should I expect during love and sex addiction therapy?

Love and sex addictions are complex issues that often have steep roots in emotional imbalances or negative events that occurred in the past. During therapy, you’ll be guided through a process of self-discovery to determine the motivations for your addiction and learn ways of managing those compulsions.

How will love and sex addiction therapy affect my day to day life?

A love or sex addict may struggle with compulsions or obsessive thoughts for life. However, therapy can provide the tools and education necessary to avoid addictive situations and make conscious choices to stop acting on obsessive thoughts. Though you may still be faced with temptations, therapy can help you learn ways of kicking a pornography addiction, avoiding extra-marital affairs, or stopping some other unhealthy and destructive habit. The long-term goal is to help clients move forward in life without feeling like a slave to addiction.

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