HA2CG with Omnicleanse

HA2CG with Omnicleanse

Des Bio is an innovative wellness company that has revolutionized medically supervised weight loss with the creation of the HA2CG diet. HA2CG stands for ‘human amino acid chain groups’. The product utilizes two human amino acid chains derived from the HCG molecule and combines them with known homeopathic weight loss supplements to create a powerful and effective weight loss solution. When used under medical supervision and in combination with a cleanse, such as Omnicleanse, HA2CG treatment equips the body to shed excess pounds – including stubborn fat that does not seem to go away with diet and exercise.

Did you know the HCG diet has been around for more than 60 years? A man named Dr. Simeons first developed it when he noticed that obese patients who took HCG could more easily maintain a restricted diet. Furthermore, he found that men and women tended to lose non-essential fat stores, specifically those of which were stored around the hips, thighs, buttocks and belly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why alter the HCG molecule to produce HA2CG?

Research shows that there are only two parts of the HCG molecule that are active in weight loss. By taking only concentrated forms of the active and useful parts of the HCG molecule, the body is able to more effectively respond to treatment. The body learns to burn non-essential fat while maintaining energy levels and avoiding known HCG diet side effects, such as fatigue.

What are the phases of the HA2CG diet?

There are three phases of HA2CG treatment. The first is known as the ‘fat loading’ stage, during which patients are encouraged to eat high fat foods and extra calories that will provide energy for the next phase. During phase two, patients are medically supervised as they enter an extremely low-calorie diet to help metabolize fat reserves. Combined with the HA2CG, this phase can result in several pounds of weight loss per week. Phase two also eliminates starchy foods, grains and sugar, allowing only for fruits, vegetables and proteins. Finally, phase three is implemented after several weeks of HA2CG treatment. During this phase, patients are given instructions for maintaining weight loss while increasing calories and discontinuing use of the HA2CG.

Why should I use Omnicleanse in conjunction with the HA2CG diet?

We recommend that our HA2CG patients use Omnicleanse to support weight loss and improve results. Omnicleanse helps safely eliminate toxins that have accumulated around non-essential fat cells. Without addressing these toxins prior to treatment, weight loss could stimulate the release of these toxins into the bloodstream and throughout the body’s systems.

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