Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

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Frequency specific microcurrent, or FSM, is an energy-based treatment used to promote healing, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation in the body. People who get FSM receive a low-level electrical current tuned precisely to treat specific types of nerve pain, muscle pain, and medical conditions. The device is similar to a TENS unit, only the current administered is much smaller and designed to more closely mimic the natural currents flowing at the intracellular level.

Did you know…

that energy-based treatments have been used for healing purposes for many years? As early as 2750 BC, electric eels were used to treat the sick. Western medicine began adopting electricity stimulation in the 1800s for bone fractures and more recently for soft tissue repair, circulatory conditions, and various types of inflammation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for FSM treatment?

Frequency specific microcurrent treatments are used to treat many different types of conditions and their symptoms. You may be a candidate for FSM if you suffer from chronic pain, such as that stemming from fibromyalgia, sciatica, neuropathy, gout, shingles, kidney stones, and joint inflammation. FSM may also be right for you if you have a sports injury, soft tissue injury, concussion, or circulatory problems.

What should I expect during an FSM treatment?

FSM treatments are painless and take only minutes to complete. During a standard session, graphite gloves are used to conduct currents received from the FSM machine and transfer them to the body’s soft tissues. The gloves are usually wrapped in a hot wet towel and placed on the targeted treatment area. It takes only seconds for FSM currents to induce a significant softening and warming of the soft tissues beneath the skin.

What type of results can I expect to achieve with FSM?

Many patients who undergo FSM find that they are experiencing symptomatic improvement nearly immediately after their initial session. Others may continue to see benefits for up to 24 hours after treatment. These results can last for many days and in some cases may be permanent. In most cases, patients are encouraged to continue undergoing periodic FSM treatments to maximize results and enjoy the benefits of FSM longer.

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