Give your patients the gift of aesthetics and durability with Captek™ technology. Captek restorations are made up of a gold alloy that contains platinum and palladium for strength and durability. It is finished by pressing molten ceramics under constant pressure to eliminate porosity and minimize the need for chairside adjustments or repairs.

Why choose Captek?

  • Advanced fit
  • Quick turnaround
  • Minimal chairside adjustments
  • Natural plaque and bacterial resistance
  • Minimal abrasion to surrounding dentition
  • High density materials resistant to fractures
  • High thermal stability make it possible to create tighter margins
  • Materials available in varied density for molars versus incisors and bicuspids

Superior Esthetics

The patented Captek technology is like no other. Its reflective surfaces are designed to reflect light, creating a more natural appearance. In addition, the warmth of the gold copings provides a life-like appearance that is not possible with ceramic-based restorations. This allows our technicians to color-match your patient’s smile in a realistic way – even in patients with bright white veneers or bleached teeth.

Over time, traditional porcelain-fuse-to-metal restorations may begin to oxidize and darken in the margins. The gold in a Captek restoration will never oxidize, guaranteeing optimal aesthetics for the life of the crown or bridge.

Captek Nano Technology

There are numerous benefits to choosing Captek Nano materials for patient restorations. Captek Nano is designed specifically for strength and durability. Its unique pressing process helps create a stronger surface area and eliminates porcelain shrinkage. You will be able to fit your patients for restorations using minimal preparation, and the final restoration will better retain its size and shape, helping to eliminate wide or unnatural margins.

Captek crowns can only be produced by dental labs trained by the Captek™ Company. Once we receive your impressions, the Captek pressing process begins. From creating the Captek coping to finishing, staining, and glazing the final restoration, the entire fabrication process occurs right here in our lab.
Please contact our lab for more information about Captek and how it could benefit your practice.

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