Professional LED Otoscope

otoscope led

For years, doctors have used otoscopes to peer into the ears and diagnose infections, wax build-up and monitor the condition of ear tubes. Now, we have made it possible to take advantage of this same technology within your home using our Professional LED Otoscope.

Imagine seeing your child’s ear infection before it produces symptoms.

Think of how convenient it would be to monitor your child’s ear tubes from the comfort of your home instead of relying on a doctor’s visit.

What if you could detect ear wax build-up and treat it with at-home remedies before it has a chance to interfere with hearing?

With our Professional LED Otoscope, the possibilities are endless. We have developed our otoscopes to be highly functional, durable, and practical for everyday use. Unlike some other otoscopes on the market, ours were developed by a pediatric microtia surgeon who understands the importance of monitoring ear fluids, wax, and inflammation on a regular basis.

We believe that the purchase of a high-performance otoscope is an affordable and necessary investment in a family’s health. This tool has the potential to help save money in doctor copays, as well as time waiting for a diagnosis.

Our Professional LED Otoscope features an intense LED light that lights up the ear canal and allows users to view the outer ear, ear drum and middle ear. Best of all, it is built to last – even if dropped or roughly handled.

Don’t spend another morning in the doctor’s office wandering if your child has an ear infection. Get your Professional LED Otoscope today – you’ll be glad you did.

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