Zirconia is the choice time and time again for dentists searching for lasting strength and beautiful aesthetics in an all-ceramic restoration. Zirconia ceramics provide the strongest and longest-lasting solution for dental restorations – all with the guarantee of no metal oxidation that would result in graying or darkening of the margins near the gum line. This makes them an ideal solution for restorations in both the anterior and posterior teeth.

Besides providing strength and aesthetic appeal, Zirconia might be a functional solution for your patients who have metal sensitivities or allergies. Our Zirconia restorations contain no metal, but are instead made of a semi-transparent ceramic with an opaque core. The bio-compatible materials used to make a Zirconia restoration help eliminate the risk of soft tissue inflammation. This composition also allows Zirconia-based restorations to take on an exceptionally natural appearance, making them virtually undetectable to anyone who is not a dentist.

Quality Lab-Created Zirconia Restorations for Your Practice

Zirconia is not only reliable; but it is also supported by many years of clinical success for use in crowns and bridges. It has been used in millions of restorations in patients all over the world and is preferred by many dentists because it allows for less preparation and greater preservation of the natural tooth. Not to mention, it is compatible with both cementation and adhesive bonding.

When you are ready to order your patient’s Zirconia crown or bridge, simply prepare the tooth that will support the restoration and take and dental impression to send to our lab. We will work quickly to create a beautiful Zirconia restoration according to your specifications.  

Call us today to find out how you could better serve your patients with Zirconia restorations.


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