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Provisionals make it possible to deliver instant results for patients while they wait for permanent restorations. You might opt to use provisionals when a patient undergoes complex reconstructive and restorative treatment. This allows for a pleasing aesthetic appearance during the treatment phase, as well as an opportunity for your patients to ‘test drive’ the functionality and appearance of a prosthetic before the permanent restoration is finalized.

At our lab, we produce high-quality provisionals designed to closely resemble the look of a natural tooth. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the development well-fitting provisional restorations that help save you the time and frustration of producing your own temporaries in-office. All of our provisionals are exceptionally strong and attractive enough to provide your patients with the confidence they need to smile, talk, eat, and laugh until permanent restorations are complete.

Dentists and oral health specialists can request provisionals in advance of a patient’s appointment. You send us the impressions of your patient’s teeth, and we will quickly prepare and return them to your office for placement. Our temporary restorations can be worn for as little as a couple of weeks or as long as a few months.

Why Use Lab-Created Provisionals?

Besides saving you time and providing your patients with a natural-looking appearance in the midst of treatment, lab-created temporary restorations can help preserve the space where a permanent restoration will eventually go by preventing shifting of the surrounding teeth. They can also protect a prepared tooth by protecting the exposed dentin and preventing nerve sensitivity.

Contact our lab to find out more about how provisionals can benefit patients who are preparing to get new crowns, bridges, implants, or other permanent restorations.

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