Hepatitis C Pharmacy

Hepatitis C Pharmacy

Hepatitis C is a worldwide health problem thought to affect approximately 170 million people around the globe. Although the disease is chronic, it is manageable and curable when treatment is enacted. Treatments for hepatitis C include interferon treatments and anti-virals, which are used to help eliminate the disease-causing virus from the body. These medications are usually kept on-hand at specialty pharmacies. Specialty hepatitis C pharmacies also stock protease inhibitors, which doctors frequently prescribe for simultaneous use with interferon treatment.

Did you know?

Hepatitis C is a chronic liver disease caused by a virus. The virus is usually transmitted by contact with contaminated blood, such as from a blood transfusion or by sharing drug needles and syringes. Because the disease often presents no symptoms, many people with hepatitis C never know they have the disease until they have had it for many years. Treatment is only necessary in some cases, but it may prevent serious liver damage and the need for a liver transplant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a specialty hepatitis C pharmacy?

Yes. A specialty pharmacy can cater to your needs as a hepatitis C patient, helping you to navigate your course of treatment. Your pharmacist will be available to answer your questions at any time – including between visits.

What should I expect from a hepatitis C pharmacy?

A hepatitis C pharmacy should carry a wide selection of medications that are perhaps unavailable without special order at other pharmacies. Your pharmacist and staff should also be familiar with hepatitis C and the treatments available for the condition. They will educate you about safe self-injection and needle disposal, as well as the potential side effects of common hepatitis C medications.

Is there anything I need to discuss with my pharmacist?

Yes. You should inform your pharmacist of all medications and supplements you are taking in addition to your hepatitis C prescriptions. Your pharmacist is your greatest partner in protecting yourself against adverse prescription interactions. And since hepatitis C treatment usually takes between 6 months and 1 year, it is important to feel comfortable and honest with your pharmacist.

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