Hemophilia Pharmacy

Hemophilia Pharmacy

Hemophilia is a very serious disease that affects an estimated 18,000 people in the United States. The majority of those individuals suffer with a severe version of hemophilia A, although a small percentage cope with hemophilia B or a mild to moderate version of hemophilia A.
Treatment for hemophilia usually requires periodic injections or intravenous drip of the clotting factor missing from the blood. However, there are other medications that may be prescribed in tandem with clotting factor. People with hemophilia benefit from using a dedicated hemophilia pharmacy that carries the most commonly prescribed medications without requiring a special order. Desmopressin and antifibrinolytic medicines, for example, can be found at hemophilia pharmacies in various formulations, such as injections, nasal sprays, and pills.

Did you know?

Hemophilia is a rare disorder that requires ongoing medical attention and treatment. People with hemophilia have blood that does not clot normally, both internally and externally. Even the simplest of cuts and injuries can cause prolonged bleeding and serious complications. Most people with hemophilia are born with the disease, but it is possible to acquire it later in life. The majority of people with hemophilia are male.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I visit a hemophilia specialty pharmacy?

Yes. Because hemophilia is such a serious disease, consider using a pharmacy that you know you can rely on to have the medications you need, when you need them. Furthermore, a hemophilia pharmacist understands your disease and can easily identify lifestyle factors, supplements or other medications that may negatively interact with your hemophilia prescriptions.

What should I expect from a hemophilia pharmacy?

You can expect your pharmacist to ask you questions about your list of current medications. After ensuring that none will counteract or in any way modify the benefits of your hemophilia prescription, your pharmacist will provide you with instructions for using your medication. If at any time you have any questions about your prescription or how you should be taking your hemophilia medication, you can consult with your pharmacist about your concerns. Most of all, you can expect a specialty hemophilia pharmacy to always have your medications in stock, ready to be filled or refilled without the need for prior customer notification.

Is there anything I need to discuss with my pharmacist?

Yes. You should be honest with your doctor about all of your dietary and lifestyle habits, including the use of supplements or even recreational drugs. Pharmacists are your partner in ensuring that you take you medications safely and effectively.

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